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Building & scaling into an intelligent organization

Our software enables you to blend technology-enabled insights with understanding of human reasoning and choices.

 your goal, Our Products

Attain an intelligent organization where you can obtain localized organizational intelligence& transform it to various stakeholder-specific content formats

Identify localized data

The first step is to identify and obtain your local internal information

Transform & structure

The second step is structuring that data & blending it with human reasoning & choices.

Intelligent Organization

The final step is distributing it in stakeholder-specific content formats to the various stakeholders

Services: How to get your hidden data available where needed


We offer our consultancy services to implement the 3-step proces of


  1. Identify
  2. Transform & Structure
  3. Distribute

in your organization.


Due to the diversity of organizations that strive to be a more intelligent organization, customization is adviced.

In our first meeting we address goals and issues you would like to resolve. We dive deeper into the information structure of the organization to ascertain potential “blind data spots”. After that we co-create the information gathering process and setup the software and questions to extract information. Then we have a test-run and optimize.

After sufficient optimization you start working with it.

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Enjoy workflow automation

To support your ongoing growth on attaining the most intelligent organization, we have a 1-click automate workflow in place.

Create online questionnaires in multiple languages with 20+ question types and customised branding.

Take your intelligent organization on the go with Attain5’s mobile app built for Android. Get access to your opportunities, results, information, highlights of the day or customer satisfaction and more – everywhere you go!

Build your own reports using LibreOffice, Microsoft Word, or Google Docs. So no new skills to learn with Attainfive, only information to win!

Automate your intelligent organization system to enhance insights, internal culture, knowledge sharing and gain that competitive edge you need!

Use data to evaluate suppliers and products; take actions to increase supplier quality.
Data is stored on EU-based servers, is compliant with Data Portability and can be anonymised to ensure privacy.


Our product & services are custom. We deliver a solution. A ready-to-use solution. Not a SaaS where you have to customize our solution.

So contact us and share your goals. We will help you with our product and consultancy services to attain your goals, every step of the way!

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What They’re Saying

Customer Testimonials

We have created our own advanced sales crm with the attainfive software, saves us about 1,250 hrs of staff time a month


Attainfive’s software allows us to easily identify the best and worst performing products, profile supplier performance and identify consistent problem areas for remedy.


At CCD we successfully make use of the attainfive software to facilitate people driven change management – to assess behavior, team cohesion, curiosity etc.

Curiosity Change Drives